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Is Hilton Quot Popularity Plummeting

Paris was practically in tears and without taking left the scene, the New York Post quoted the source as saying. L heir was heckled so badly at Kress in Hollywood who refused to take the stage. However, according to sources, when Audigier took the stage and yelled to the crowd, Want to see Paris Hilton? The entire room - which had just cheered when Britney Spear thought was coming - booed loudly. Pari was at a birthday party for the designer Christian Audigier daughter, Crystal and was to introduce the Pussycat Doll.
3.12.08 10:59

Phelps Quot Gal Pal Gets Exposure On Web

It has the photos Friday in which Phelp girl, Palm cocktail server Caroline Caz Pal, seemed to be posing topless in a series of photos. Phelps, who had become the most sought-after celebrity endorser after delivering a record eight gold medals d in the Beijing Olympics, said Pal home to meet his mother during Thanksgiving. The Web site is presumed shows Pal, 26, in both provocative photos alone and with other girls. The celebrity website TMZ. In one photo, is on a bed placed between two girls in short shorts that read Got Hos on their REARS and My Ex-girlfriend Is A Stripper.
3.12.08 10:59

Keira Quot Joy At Sienna Friend

007 and beauty Gemma Arterton, 22, has been spied at Children Baftas near Park Lane. No signs of action hero Daniel Craig with her, though. Keira Knightley beams brightly as she raises with NTSC screen Sienna Miller to an awards bash last night. Maybe it was washing his swimming trunks .... The Edge of Love co-stars Keira, 23, and Siena, 26, proved a real double act at the London film event.
3.12.08 10:59

Estranged Relative Arrested In Hudson Killings

William Balfour, 27, was arrested at Stateville Correctional Center on a warrant accusing him of killing relatives of the singer and Oscar-winning actress, said Chicago police spokeswoman Monique Bond.. Police have arrested estranged brother of Jennifer Hudson on Monday in the shooting death of the show mother, younger brother and nephew, taking him from a prison where he had been detained in a word suspected violation.
3.12.08 10:59

Barker And Dj Am Do New Years

Word on a possible start time. The concert will be sponsored by the Nation and broadcast live to other parts of the nation throughout the country. According to Associated Press, the game has been chosen to host the event and surprise surprise Southern California take place on December 31. Just three and a half months after surviving a traumatic plane crash that claimed the life of a pilot and several members of the crew, Travis Barker and DJ AM will make a triumphant return to the public eye, a ceiling New Years Eve concert in West Hollywood. N.
3.12.08 10:59


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